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BTC 3X - Bitcoin Swing Trading Program

5 ratings

BTC 3X - Bitcoin Swing Trading Program

5 ratings

95% of people make losses in trading because they can't overcome their "FEAR or GREED".

With FEAR or GREED, you can't see the real picture. Trading is the most difficult skill to master and that's why it's the fastest path to financial freedom.

It requires you to fight with yourself. But if you can master it, it's the best path to financial freedom. We are starting this mentorship program to help you to be a better #Crypto Trader.

Here is the latest performance of our trades in the last 4 Months:

You can check the full transparent report here - bit.ly/3bt823k

We will focus on 4 parts:

1. Learning & Psychology - How Markets Work and How to Read Price Action. You will get exclusive learning material.

2. Market Research & Trade Planning - With our regular newsletter, you will get an important analysis of potential trades

3. Trade Updates and Signals on Telegram

4. Handholding and Risk Management through the direct chat with me

I will share trade plans and trade signals along with learning how to trade.

We will identify Trades with at least a 1:3 Risk reward. Its like capturing 2-3% move with 5-7X leverage with stop losses of 1%

After subscribing, you will get access to our paid telegram group, premium newsletter, and direct chat support.

For any queries, DM me CryptoMangal


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